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in Social - 21 Jan, 2013
by Tech Journalist - no comments
Thin line between Media – user generated content or another outsourcing Rip off ? Glee FOX Youtube

Few days ago, there was an article on CNN about a guy that was caught by his company outsourcing his programming job to china and spent his time in the company on Reddit and Facebook.

The above case was a successful outsourcing plan, but outsourcing is not always successful, and that’s what are probably discovering the people in charge of   a Fox teen show (Glee).

Somehow the person in charge of creating the theme song, ended up ripping off a user on Youtube!

Fox did not comment on the incident, but there are several possibilities for how such a thing happened :

– Theme song was contracted with a company that outsourced it to a non professional company or individual.

– Someone presented the song as his/her original content, and with no tools to verify that, the person managed to trick Fox.


Now, Jonathan Coulton, the creator of the original song, is accusing Fox of ripping him off, this could have been avoided, if the words of the song were Googled, for now and with the lack of appropriate tools to identify ripoff songs, Googling the words is the fastest way to make sure any song is original.


below the Glee (Fox) version and the original version: