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in Websites - 19 Jan, 2013
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Mega.co.nz , Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom new baby a heaven for piracy?

A year ago at 6:48am on a Sunday morning Kim Dotcom mansion in  New Zealand was raided and his Megaupload company offices and sites were shut down by the FBI, this is why Kim decided to launch his new site Mega.co.nz at this exact time of the year to the minute.

Mega.co.nz is a file storage website, it will offer users 50 gigabytes of free storage – much more than rival services such as Dropbox or Microsoft’s SkyDrive or Google’s Drive.

Focus on Security, Data Encryption.

After being raided and taken out of business, Kim is trying to make it even harder for copyright owners and government institutions to find copyrighted or other piracy related material, his new service allows to encrypt files, that means that the data transferred through the internet could not be identified.

The users will use a password as an encryption key that will allow them to encrypt the file, thus protecting the file from being identified by anyone who do not has this encryption key, this is how Dotcom is protecting his users but also his new venture from any copyright or other hassles, without the passwords that were used to encrypt the Data Mega can not identify the files and thus it is 100% legally protected from any “FBI raids”.

Plans and Growth.

Megaupload network was ranked at the top 20 of websites worldwide, even with such a big press coverage,Mega can not expect to have the previous glory of Megaupload easily, Megaupload had content that made users want to visit the site (streaming movies, porn etc..) what will Mega have to drive traffic? and with a .co.nz domain will it really go mainstream?

Kim plans for the new service are still unclear, but it wouldn’t be surprising if a copyright infringement business would prosper over it, and if it would be the case, Kim would have a better standing than Google‘s owned Youtube.


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