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in Facebook - 16 Jan, 2013
by Tech Journalist - one comment
Facebook new search – discovery engine a threat to Google, Foursquare, Linkedin …

The smart search engine.

Today Facebook announced the launch of a new smart discovery engine, you will not be able to test it yet because it is in limited beta. Mark Zuckerberg emphasized that for now, Graph Search ( the name of the discovery search engine) will focus on only 4 areas: people, photos, places and interests.


This social discovery engine will use the power of your network to yield unique and personalized results for your queries, and believe me you can’t expect any more personalized results than that, it will also allow you to search your network and friends for specific queries, photos, locations etc … as long as you are allowed to view the data .


You will also be able to ask simple questions, such as “which of my friends live in Paris?”
It will rank closer friends (those you had more interaction with) higher in the results list.


The search will allow you to search according to what people like, and even have search queries taking in consideration multiple products/services. ex: My friends in London who like John Lenon.

Results will be ranked according to your friends and friends friends interactions (likes).

The search bar will be a large blue box at the top of your Facebook page.


Here’s a demo of the search engine in action:


Here’s what the creators of  Graph search have to say:


Facebook social search engine a Threat to Google:

So this new smart search engine will get you results based on your friends and network, and keep you on Facebook, sure that will take a certain small percentage of Google search market, but it should not be such a big deal or should it?

In fact, Facebook Graph search by itself is not a big threat to the Search Giant, but the social network’s partnership with Microsoft is! Facebook Graph will get web results through Bing whenever the query is not within it’s scope, and that’s no doubt a big boost to Bing’s market share and a big hit to Google’s.


Facebook discovery search engine a Threat to Linkedin:

Recruiters, companies and businessmen often use Linkedin to find professionals in certain domains, now FB will allow you to find those close to you (in your network), or your friends and the friends of your friends, so you could have a better insight and opinions on any professional you wish to hire. This feature will not only help businesses find local people of interest, but also the shared connections allows you to have a better evaluation and a much higher level of trust than with Linkedin.


Facebook places discovery engine a Threat to Foursquare, Yelp…:

We previously wrote an article on the influence of Facebook Nearby on Yelp & Foursquare, well consider this to be the final blow to both these services and many others, people would prefer to have their friends recommendations over strangers recommendations anytime.

facebook discovery engine maps

Showing restaurants using Bing maps