• Java exploit creates a security threat.  Reaction: Firefox blocks Java Addons, Apple blocks Java 7 on OS X.
  • Rumors of Apple cheap iPhone Spread > Then denied  by Phil Schiller (translated from Chinese)> Then denial withheld (rumors still true)
  • Facebook testing charging people 1$ per message to strangers > Now testing 100$ for messages to celebrities (starting with Mark Zuckerberg himself) => this service will ensure that your spam message will not go to spam folder!
  • Yahoo integrates Flickr images in it’s image results, telling you which you can safely reuse.
  • Microsoft mails Live Messenger users telling them: It’s time to update Messenger to Skype!
  • Kodak, $2billion patents sale to Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung … Approved.
  •  Google launches Coupon service: “Zavers”.
  • Sony focusing on waterproof gadgets: waterproof walk-man the the NZW-W270 comes few days after unveiling  the waterproof phone The Xperia Z.
  • Angelist introduces online investment feature.
  • Youtube VS. German copyright agency negotiation failed.
  • Apple wins 2012 Technology and Engineering Award.
  • Buzzfeed stealing buzz ideas from Reddit.
  • Foundem sues Google in U.K.
  • Unwired Planet buys 2,400+ patent from Ericson.


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