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in Hot Topics - 08 Jan, 2013
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4chan tricks teen to cut themselves, keep kids away from Twitter

Recently Twitter have been proving itself to be the ultimate place for trolling, and young teens are suffering due to the information spread by the micro-blogging website. The site have the ability to censor and is applying it but in the wrong place, for example we are partially censored on twitter because of our opinions , but harmful tweets like the fake death of celebrities or vicious tweets such as described below, are not censored for the simple reason “they will get twitter more media attention thus more users!“.

In October 2012, the famous “Trolling dedicated” website “4Chan“, tricked Justin Justin Bieber Fans to shave their heads, by creating a fake Twitter account to spread rumors that Justin Bieber had cancer and that then inciting fans to shave their heads to support him.The #BaldForBieber trended twitter and eventually led to tricking hundreds of young teens to shave their heads bold.










Today, it is a far more serious matter, the same site have tricked the Justin Bieber Fans to cut themselves,  hashtags like #CuttingForBieber, #CutForBieber, and #Cut4Bieber were spread today, this was done by posting fake pictures of Fans self inflicted hands cuts and claiming that it was being done to get Justin Bieber to stop smoking weed, with instructions on how to spread the news on Twitter, Facebook, and fake news sites.. The young fans once again believed this hoax and posted disturbing pictures of self-inflicted harm. 4Chan obviously saw this operation as a success and even compiled some of the photos of young fans that fell for the hoax and posted it on their site/ and social media accounts. Justin Brieber, reacted to this but falsely accused 9Gag of this.

One thing is sure, you need to get your young relatives off Twitter A.S.A.P.


the result of this hoax posted on 4chan

the result of this hoax posted on 4chan