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in Gadgets - 07 Jan, 2013
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Board game jump to digital era with a huge: Educational Gaming Business tablet table PC

Are you are used to play social board games with friends on a real table?

Now, you might take it to the tech era, by using a table PC, yes you read right Table PC! not tablet PC, not smart TV, and not any ordinary tablet, it’s a 27 inch, 1080p, 1.1 inches thick, 17-pound tablet that accepts multi-user touch input.

This Table PC produced by lenovo, will come with a standard windows 8 , pricing will start at “$1,699,” , and it will be available this summer.

Educational Table PC:

This Gadget will be ideal for board games, but not only! It will surely be very helpful for educational purposes, hundreds of educational applications can be imagined for all ages, from little kids/ kinder-garden activity/ teaching to university level classes.

Business Table PC:

I am pretty sure the table PC will find it’s way into corporations, many applications can be imagined from Research & Development to engineering, to marketing, to boosting the graphic/design cooperation on projects… it can simply become a fast replacement of projections when quantity of people involved is relatively small.

Gaming Table PC:

Gaming wise, the Table PC would improve the social gaming experience, other than the board games, strategy games and many sort of games can be adapted to these kind of devices, and with the availability of many games on tablets, the required modifications to these already existing games would be minimal (to allow many players operate from 1 device, and capturing input from 1 touch screen instead of several). The big tablet will also give birth to a new sort of games that is specific to this kind of devices, and that would be multilayer horizontal games.

The biggest positive aspect, is that unlike the vast majority of tech gadgets, this gadget will actually increase the social interaction between people instead of isolating them.

[img credit: gottabemobile ]