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in Social - 02 Jan, 2013
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Arabs reviving their history in Al-Andalus through twitter #Andalus – January 2

This is a Guest Blog provided by Mohamed J.

Every year on the second of January, the Spaniards celebrate the fall of the Andalus an Arabic Muslim caliphate that lasted more than 700 years (year: 711–1492) in what is now modern day Spain and Portugal.

This year the Arab spring have resulted in an increase of the Arab and Muslim population internet activism around the world, in September the Muslim twitter users responded to a faux pas by Newsweek  hashtag #MuslimRage,by transforming it into a never ending flow of jokes and funny comments, for example:

  • “I’m having such a good hair day. No one even knows. #MuslimRage” — Hend (retweeted 2900 times).
  • Lost your kid Jihad at the airport. Can’t yell for him. #MuslimRage — Leila (retweeted 1000 times).
  • “#muslimrage when you order halal chicken and find out the chef cooked it in alcohol!” — Hassan Sultan.
  • “i dont feel any rage….does that mean i am not muslim?#someonegetmeadrink #MuslimRage ” — Ramah Kudaimi.


Today, the Arab social media empowered population, have taken on another subject, the 521 year anniversary of the  fall of the Andalus, celebrated by the Spaniards, here’s some of the Arabic tweets:

في الوقت الذي عجزملوك أوربا عن كتابة أسمائهم كان في حيٍ واحد من أحياءقرطبة 170 امرأة يكتبن المصاحف!هذا في حيّ واحد، فكيف بكل قرطبة؟#andalus

translation: while the Kings of Europe were unable to write their own names, you could find in a single street 170 women writing the Koran, and that’s only in one street, imagine how many in the entire city?

مكتبةقرطبة كانت تضم 400 ألف كتاب في حين كانت أكبر مكتبات شمال أوربا )مكتبةدير القديس سانت غالن في سويسرا كان بها 600 كتاب فقط! #andalus

translation: The Cordoba library during the caliphate had 400.000 book while the biggest European library, the st Gallen library in Switzerland had only 600 book.

احرق الاسبان ما يزيد عن ٣ ملاين كتاب عربي…ليجعلوا العلم كأنه ماكان…والجهد يضيع ببهتان…والحضارة تصبح في طي النسيان #andalus #سقوط_الاندلس

translation: The Spaniards burned more than 3 million Arabic books to remove the 700 year Arab and Muslim influence and civilization in Spain.

في اللغةالبرتغاليّة هنا أكثر من 3000 كلمة عربية كما أن هناك ما يزيد على ألف كلمة عربية في الطب والكيمياء والفلك والجراحةبالإنجليزية!#andalus

translation: the Portuguese language till today still contain more than 3000 words, and the Medicine and Scientific vocabulary still contains more than 1000 Arabic words.

لم يطرد المسلمين مباشرةيوم 2يناير 1492 بل صدر قرار طردهم عام1609 بعد100 عام فشلت فيه محاكم التفتيش بإقناعهم بالتنصررغم بشاعةالتعذيب#andalus

translation: the Muslims were not expelled on 2 January 1492  but in 1609, 100 year after the Andalus fall, during which the Inquisition failed to convert them to Christianity in-spite of torture.

أول شارع مضاء في العالم كله باحيائه ومدنه وأزقته وقراه، ولأول مرة في التاريخ كله كان أحد شوارع قرطبة ! .. #andalus

translation: the first street in history to have light was in Cordoba during Islamic caliphate.

قد سجلّت الوئائق عدد 302362 ضحية أندلسية تم حرقها، أي واحد من بين كل 3 أندلسيين كانوا يعيشون في# إسبانيا تم حرقهم لإخفاءهم الإسلام #Andalus

translation: It was recorded that 302362 person were burned when Andalus was conquered by the Spaniards.

أكبركذبة يدعيها مناهضوا الأندلس أنها عادت لأهلها، كيف تعود لأهلها وأهلها هم من طرد وعذب وحرق فقط لأنه مسلم أويهودي مخالف للكاثوليك #andalus

translation: The biggest lie, is when they say Andalus was returned to it’s rightful owners , how can that be, when it’s rightful owners were burned because they were Muslims and Jews and not Catholics.