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in Tech rumors - 14 Dec, 2012
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Apple new gadgets ? what is Apple up to?

A recent article on businessinsider suggests that Apple might be planing something big, a new gadget maybe or a new product. Based on analysis of Apple spending on property, plants, and equipment, which witnessed a surge from under 1 billion$ to nearly 4 billion $.

According to the Article the money is being spent in a silent way, and no one outside apple knows about what it is destined to.

see graph below (Apple in yellow)

Our opinion on this matter, it might only be the preparations to shift one of the Mac computers production to the U.S., as declared by Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier this month,  saying that the company will move production of one of its existing lines of Mac computers from China to the United States next year. There are some rumors also circulating that Apple is in testing phase of a smart TV.

graph source: http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-is-suddenly-spending-billions-of-dollars-on-secret-projects-2012-12