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in Google - 06 Oct, 2012
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Google’s copyright infringement business get legally approved again!

Let’s be honest for a minute, everybody loves free stuff, when you can watch a movie without buying the DVD, listening to a song without buying the album, or reading a book without buying the ebook or paperbook, you will not say no i prefer to pay!

When Torrent websites, pirated CD-DVDs producers and websites hosting movies are fought by law enforcement forces, declared illegal and often shutdown, even when these companies are not directly involved in the pirating process, ex: Megaupload, the pirate bay, and many other video-hosting and torrent websites that were raided by law enforcements ,shut down and owners put in Jail!, you would expect the laws applies to all and no one above the law.

This does not apply to Google, the world number 1 and by far the biggest copyright infringer and intellectual property thieve, when it comes to Google it seams that the laws need to accommodate to Google’s needs not the opposite, and all this under the name of innovation.

When Google purchased Youtube, questions were raised whether the purchase was for the userbase the video website has or the quantity of videos uploaded – which the majority are copyrighted material-, soon after the purchase Google was able to strike a deal with the major U.S. music labels. Google deal with Music labels appeared to the world as a legalization of the distribution of copyrighted music, in fact it is a mere illusion, because the majority of local languages music and even movies/ series are still on the video site, Google is aware of this fact, and it is indeed the reason youtube exist and what it is famous for.

The Youtube case is a case of indirect copyright theft by Google, without copyrighted materials noone will use Youtube! the video site is full of music movies and series that are published witout permission of copyright owners, you just need to search in any other language and you will see the amount of piracy youtube hosts, why google allows it ?, because if it doesn’t youtube reach will be 100x less, and ads sales also 100x less.

Another case which is more interesting, is the direct copyright  infringement by the search giant; it is Google’s creation of a digital library (started in late 2004) by scanning every book ever published, the only problem is that Google did not ask permission from book authors to do that, And like Youtube, these copyrighted materials will be saturated with ads that Google profit from!

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the Authors Guild took Google to court and reached a settlement in 2009, wwhich was later cancelled.

On Thursday,  a new settlement deal between Association of American Publishers and Google was reached. The deal is twofold: It deals with the books already scanned (millions) by Google, and also sets the rules for the scanning of further books in the future.

For books already scanned by Google, publishers can choose to contact the search giant for removal.

Now that each publisher, author has at least a words or pdf version of their books, what is the added value Google is offering by scanning the paperbook pages?