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in Mobile - 24 Sep, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments
Apple iPhone5 TV Ads: the new earphones, panorama picture, the thumb screen access and new design

The first Apple iPhone5 TV ads have been broadcasted,

The first one, concerning the new design, basically convincing people that iPhone5 is smaller than iPhone4 and iPhone4s, by smaller maybe they meant thinner, but definetly not smaller because actually is is taller and thus can even be considered bigger, but there’s a saying by Joseph Goebbels ( Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany.):  If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.

The iPhone 5 is here. The biggest and tallest yet somehow thinnest and lightest iPhone yet.

the second ad is, about the thumb access to the full screen, again Apple making sure that people understand their point of view, a bigger screen to allow better interaction – the phone is not too big as long as you can access any point on the screen with your thumb:

Introducing the iPhone 5, with 4-inch Retina display. It’s the perfect size for everything — including your thumb.

The third ad about a cool feature, the possibility to create a panoramic picture:

Introducing the iPhone 5. Now taking beautiful photos in panorama is as simple as saying “cheese”

The fourth ad is about the new earphone design, i bet now when you lose your earphone you will not be able to replace it with a standard white one!

Introducing the iPhone 5, with EarPods — designed to sound better and earshaped to fit better.