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in Europe Technology News - 23 Sep, 2012
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Storyginal a French startup to write a collaborative story about people – former Mamystory

Storyginal , former Mamystory is the winner of the Mars – 2011 Startup weekend that took place in Nice-Sophia Antipolis – French Riviera – France, the idea behind this start-up is quite original, it allows several people (usually the family) to write a collaborative story (usually a a book or booklet) about another person(usually an elder: Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt etc…).

The idea is interesting, because every family member has different souvenirs and have experienced different moments with the person in question, additionally a collaborative story writing about someone we know is much more interesting, it also have a very high value as a gift,  unlike material gifts that have a material value, this kind of work is an investment of each participant time and a reach to the deepest memories and feelings.

We followed Storyginal evolution since 5-10 month back then it was still called Mamystory, the startup had to change name to appeal to larger client base, mamy which means grandma gave the impression it is about stories told by grandma instead of the story of grandma ,or any other relative for that matter, the change of name was a wise decision.

Like many other startups, Storyginal is struggling with the financial part, investors that don’t seam to be interested, and a lack of a business model that would make this startup viable financially, Recently the team decided to offer the end story not only in form of a virtual book, but also to actually print the end story so it could be presented as a physical book.

We got some updates from the Storyginal team:

Storyginal now has a strong Business Model mainly based on sales of physical books. We’re currently preparing the official launch of the website even though several books have already been printed !

Finding investors hasn’t been a priority until now as we’ve been concentrating on launching our product first. In France it is important to have a product before fundraising.”


The Website banner explain exactly how every person perceives the different moments :