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in Google - 21 Sep, 2012
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Music search & free download service by Google in China closed

Google decided to shutdown it’s music search services that allowed Chinese internet users to download Chinese and international songs for free, the reason believe it or not, is not fear of copyright violations but because the service has not been doing as well as the international search and web giant wanted it to.

According to Google China’s blog post on Friday, this decision was taken to prioritize the development of other products by reassigning the staff working on the music site to other projects. “The impact of this product is not as great as we expected, so we decided to shift resources to other products,” it stated.

All its streaming and  MP3 downloads have been terminated and users will be given until Oct. 19 to export their music playlists as downloadable files.

In order to compete with the chinese search giant Baidu, Google launched in 2009 a free music search and download service, that allowed chinese internet users to search and download millions of songs for free, this service was accessed at: www.google.cn/music/homepage –  but only internet users from china were able to download the songs.  Google was splitting the advertising revenue with Sony Music, Warner Music, EMI and Universal Music (the same kind of deals that Google have for Youtube copyrighted content).

Meanwhile in the rest of the world, Google was very aggressive in applying it’s policies against websites that provided any sort of copyrighted material either by linking to copyrighted files, hosting or even providing a search functionality that allowed the search of other sites with copyrighted materials, any site involved in any of these was considered breaking the Google term of service and any advertisement displayed on it through ad sense was blocked. Such was the case of a popular site & Music search engine Yamour, that had the ads on all it’s services blocked  in 2009 because of it’s music search functionality.

So while blocking other, Google creates at the same time a music search engine, the same applies to videos and movies etc, while Youtube is full of copyrighted material, Google is on crusade against all the websites breaking copyright laws!

So let’s define it, when it concerns the Search giant, it is no longer a copyright violation, but when it concern the small site owners it is!