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in Hot Topics - 18 Sep, 2012
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Google is Evil – Alibaba says

After Google blocked Acer – Alibaba Aliyun operated phone, Alibaba’s CTO Wang Jian, has spoken out against Google saying,

“we see a different Google. The Google that used to fight for “Don’t be evil”, openness and free competition has changed,”

this comes, just days after Google have forced Acer to abort it’s Alibaba Aliyun powered phone, the move Google has judged necessary to avoid weakening the Android developers market.

then concerning the Android project, Wang accuses Google of having diverted the  project to serve it’s own interests, and that

“open” Android Open Source Project (AOSP) into a “Google OS” that requires a Google license.


“Today, AOSP Android has been changed by Google to exist entirely as a Google OS to serve the company’s own benefit. We are grateful to Google for establishing the Android Open Source Project, which made possible the rapid development of an open Android, but Google has increasingly taken AOSP in a closed direction. The Open Handset Alliance (OHA) has become Google’s tool to restrict innovation by handset makers.

As enthusiastic supporters of Android’s open-source technology, we cannot and will not destroy the open ecosystem of Android. Moreover, we will strive to uphold the original intention of the Android ecosystem which is openness and free competition. We have done a tremendous amount of work to provide more platforms for Android developers.”

Then Alibaba CTO said that Alibaba and Google are inevitably set to compete but that should be done in an open mindset, then continued his marketing appeal to developers saying:

We have a responsibility and obligation to work together with developers to perfect an open Android, but we don’t have any responsibility and obligation to safeguard Google OS’ current and future interests.

We hope there is room for another operating system which is different from Google OS and provides users with more options.”