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in Microsoft - 15 Sep, 2012
by Tech Journalist - 3 comments
20% of chinese new PC’s infected with spyware and malware software

It might seam unbelievable, but if you bought a new PC from china, you have a 20% chance that it would be loaded with a software that will transmit your data and use your computer as a center to distribute viruses and attack websites!

These PC’s are  loaded with counterfeit copies of Microsoft Windows, it contain malware which allows would-be criminals to remotely switch on and control cameras and microphones, among other devices, and records a person’s every key stroke, on machines which were still factory sealed, according to Microsoft.

“Cybercriminals have made it clear that anyone with a computer could become an unwitting mule for malware,” wrote Microsoft’s assistant general counsel for its Digital Crimes Unit, Richard Domingues Boscovich.

Boscovich wrote: “Our research into Nitol uncovered that the botnet was being hosted on a domain linked to malicious activity since 2008. This study also revealed that in addition to hosting b70, 3322.org contained a staggering 500 different strains of malware hosted on more than 70,000 sub-domains.

“The Nitol botnet malware itself carries out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that are able to cripple large networks by overloading them with Internet traffic, and creates hidden access points on the victim’s computer to allow even more malware – or anything else for that matter – to be loaded on to an infected computer.”