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in Google - 04 Sep, 2012
by Tech Journalist - 3 comments
Google cloning Yahoo Axis Features – still testing it’s search scroll bar

It is said  “Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery“, and it seams Google is flattering a lot lately!

Few years ago, Google Launched Google Wave, a very interesting social network, it did not work so well , so later the company launched another social network (GooglePlus) that was very similar to facebook.

Google core business is Search, and any innovation that might influence it’s dominance on the search market is considered a threat.

Any feature that will improve the user experience, Google will quickly copy or clone, so that it will not influence it’s dominance stance, for example when Microsoft Bing launched the improved image search feature (scrolling etc…), allowing the images to load automatically without the need to click next page, Google was quick to improve his image search to be exactly like Bing’s image interface!

Few months ago, Yahoo launched Axis, another User interface that might influence the search market, and few days ago there was a browser showdown, so now it seams that Google is secretly cloning or copying Yahoo Axis features, the feature is still in development or testing period that’s for sure and it is only triggered when using complex search terms, it will basically like Axis, show a scrollbar with tumbnails on the top of the search page.

I have tested this feature on Firefox, Explorer, and Chrome and all 3 browsers were able to trigger the scroll bar, below screen capture of the google search scroll bar, i also did a video capture just in case they remove the feature like what happened here.


google clones copy yahoo axis

google clones copy yahoo axis