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in Mobile - 02 Sep, 2012
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Russia creates an Operating system for tablets and smartphones – similar to Google’s Android

An Android like OS for tablets and smartphones have been developed in a military research facility but privately funded, and  has been in the works for five years in sensitive institutions like  ministries and firms such as the state energy  Gazprom .

“The operating system has all the functional capabilities of an Android operating system but none of its hidden features that send users’ private data to Google headquarters,” the researcher stressed.

“They are not afraid of Google or the US government stealing things per se. They are afraid of leaks in general,” the operating system’s project manager Dmitry Mikhailov told AFP.

“There is nothing like this operating system on the market. It is hack-proof,” Mikhailov claimed. “There are people who are clamouring for this.”

“The devil is in the details. If this is purely a defense ministry project, it is doomed,” said Russian parliament member and professional IT specialist Ilya Ponomaryov.

“But if this is a completely new operating system made by and for the market, its prospects are as good as anyone else’s,” Ponomaryov told AFP.