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in Browsers - 01 Sep, 2012
by Tech Journalist - 2 comments
Yahoo Axis vs Google Chrome – the browser showdown – noone noticed

In the tech world, a lot of events and deals happen behind closed doors, powerful players defend their strategic projects, and no one knows what is really happening, but we can only guess, you will know what i am talking about, keep reading!

have you heard of Yahoo Axis?

Yahoo Axis, is described as a desktop web browser extension and mobile browser for Apple devices created by Yahoo; in reality Axis operates as a web browser, it replaces the search results page in other browsers with a scrolling menu of websites thumbnails at the top of the page . This menu keeps the user on the current page.

Even Axis developers call it a browser:


So this new browser, looks cool, and doesn’t even require you to change your habits (changing browsers), because it will simply take over the host browser!


But it has a vulnerability, if it is going to take over the host, the host can easily inject itself with an antidote with the next update !


Google has no interest of having Axis take over chrome, for Microsoft it’s not very clear! but Mozilla Firefox does not care, so this is the terrain of war, or the battlefield . Till now Axis is supported by both chrome and explorer (as well as firefox), but both companies can break Axis on their browsers with a simple update! Whereas Mozilla will not do this because it is not involved in the browsers/ search wars!


A few days ago, Yahoo prompted yahoo portal users on firefox (did not check it on other browsers), to download Axis , see below the screen captures, a couple of days later Google responded with asking users of firefox to download chrome (see screen capture below)!


Then both invitations disappeared, though for google, you will get the invitation if you log to your google account while on google main page for firefox & while on google.com using explorer!


So what happened ? was it a coincidence ? nobody knows!

yahoo ask firefox users to download or install axis

yahoo ask firefox users to download or install axis


install chrome blue banner on firefox

install chrome blue banner on firefox