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in Social - 31 Aug, 2012
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Angellist VS Crunchbase

Angellist VS Crunchbase , Techcrunch’s crunch base wants to reach your inbox like like Angel.co !

CrunchBase, Techcrunch’s wiki-style directory of people, technology companies, and investors have decided to launch a daily and weekly newsletter of the latest happenings in the tech industry during the previous week or day.

That is great, except for one little issue, Angellist also have a weekly newsletter of  “Trending Startups and Updates” and both newsletters, apparently were synchronized to land in your inbox the same day, few hours apart!

Don’t jump to conclusions, No one said Crunchbase want to be the entrepreneurs/investors social network! but it might be feeling threatened by Angellist, because the later is not only a network of investor/startups but also a directory of these companies and startups! Crunchbase, no longer have the almost exclusivity of being the tech companies directory.

Wait, there’s more, on March the 14, 2012, it was announced that Angellist was actually working on an embeddable database of startup information, exactly like the crunchbase embeddable database profile information!

So this newsletter thing, might not be an innocent idea afterall!

in a Techcrunch Announcement about the Newsletter, techcrunch author  Christine Ying  wrote on August 28th, 2012:

Do you have a burning desire to know which startups raised the most capital this week? Who made the biggest acquisitions? Who got bought or sold? Are you interested in finding out where top industry executives land their next roles? We have created “CrunchBase Weekly”, a brand new way to quench your curiosity.

CrunchBase has profile pages on important people, technology companies, venture capital forms, incubators, and other companies related to technology in some way. Most profile pages have a section called “Milestones” that lists chronologically important events in the person’s or company’s history. Each milestone contains a link to a news article or press release with more information. Although the site is maintained by TechCrunch, the news articles linked to could be from the websites of TechCrunch’s competitors.

AngelList is a community of startups and investors who make fund-raising efficient.

let’s see the different widgets and compare the data: