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in Gadgets - 20 Aug, 2012
by Om - 2 comments
Companies plans to capture market by Smartwatches

At the present day cell phones have replaced the use of watch to a great extent. Most people are comfortable with checking time in the mobile phone. But the biggest companies are now planning some devices for the wrist too. Companies like Apple, Sony as well as Nike are planning to bring out a device that could be strapped to the wrist. In other words they are planning to create a high tech watch. The wrist watch was actually invented in 1868 but it didn’t come to notice until World War I. Prior to that people used to keep watches chained in to pocket. And today also most people keep mobiles in the pocket which also tells the time.


So, tech giant companies are planning to come up with devices that could be strapped to the wrist as wrist watches reflect ones personality. But these devices aren’t meant to replace the smart phones but rather to connect with it. It will keep doing its basic job that is telling the time along with other features that are found only in the most expensive G-Shock watches. Also it might display text messages, emails and other kind of posts by syncing with the cell phone sleeping in the pocket. So, a lot of time can be saved involved in digging out the mobile phone from the pocket and checking stuffs.


Many companies has already taken steps in this sector and also made them available in the market. For example Sony has released a device which the call the Smartwatch. This device sports a two inch square screen that can display text messages, emails and twitter post by connecting with an Android Device. Nike has created the Nike Fuel, a black coloured band with a group of colourful lights that could measure the daily energy expenditure and send it to a smartphone. Basically, this is targeted for the fitness conscious persons apart from telling the time. Other such watches that could be mentioned here is Up by Jawbone and Pebble which is expected to arrive next year.


This accessory for phones will be really appealing. Sony’s marketing manager Stephen Sneeden said that, “The wrist becomes a remote screen where you now have the ability to control your phone with a number of different applications.” He also added that, “By virtue of the intelligence of the smartphone, it’s going to help to redefine what goes on your wrist.” Different Smartwatches most probably going to have different features and looks, and consumers are more likely to buy more than one smartwatch both for features and fashion and this is what the companies wish to see.