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in Gadgets - 19 Aug, 2012
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‘Double’ converted iPad into telepresence robot

Double Robotics, the California based company has finally achieved success in converting Apple iPad into a telepresence robot. The vision that one is sitting in an office and an iPad comes rolling to convey some message. On the screen the iPad will be displaying the image of a co-worker present somewhere else. After having some casual as well as official chat the iPad rolls back to the corner. This vision has been finally turned to reality as Double has succeeded in creating the iPad as the first ever telepresence robot. And also conversation will be possible in between two telepresence robots too, which makes it very interesting.


Double who converted the iPad into telepresence robot has their own tag line which is “most elegant way to be somewhere else in the world without flying there”. The structure of this robot is very simple. It comprises of a set of wheels, a battery powered motor to drive it, a pole, the height of which can be adjusted according to wish and last but not the least, an iPad holder. The actions of the robot can be controlled remotely through an iPad. For these, one should have double’s app installed in their iPad which comes with the robot on purchase. With the app, the telepresence robot can be controlled to move around the office. The interface of the app was designed in such a way keeping the fact in mind that the robot doesn’t bump in to real worker in the office or any obstacle. Also the pole of the robot can be adjusted using the app, giving the option to talk with a co-worker face to face or just peeking over partition to check if the employees are working.


The iPad telepresence robot barely weighs around 15 pounds, and it is very unlikely that it will cause any damage to the furnitures or human, unless the operator fails to see any obstacle in the front. These California based company believes that they will be providing a unique way of teleconferencing, where one can move freely and talk to co-workers at any possible location. According to the creators of these robots, they believe that this can be used by companies who regularly communicate with their workers residing in remote locations. Also it can be used in museums and galleries where a person finds it difficult to cover the whole of the hall by walking. The company is currently accepting orders for the product at a cost of $1999 each and deliveries are expected in early 2013.