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in Hot Topics - 17 Aug, 2012
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Developers to display tweets the way Twitter wants

After several months of expectation, when things didn’t go the way twitter wanted, it had made clear about how data are to be shared with the developers. This time twitter has made a crystal clear statement that it doesn’t want any of the app that has not been programmed by twitter itself. For the older clients who has already pushed out their apps to twitter won’t be facing any danger to their business, but in accordance to the new guidelines of twitter there seem to have no future for the new ones. Twitter has stated that, “Tweets that are grouped together into a timeline should not be rendered with non-Twitter content. e.g. comments, updates from other networks.” Moreover, the term Display Guidelines has been exchanged with requirements. And if any app do not satisfying the requirements, then it will be removed for providing service. Thus, it is clear that messages can’t be pulled from twitter to other sites like App.net anymore.


However, the existing clients as twitter said won’t be facing any problem. But some strings of rules have also been attached to it. For the moment a client can provide service for up to 100000 users and beyond that they will need special permissions from twitter. But those client who already have more than 100,000 users will be allowed to grow about 200% of the current user base they hold and which will be the maximum limit for their users and beyond that they would be needing special permission from twitter. Also it has been expected that the price of twitter apps will also rise. This is mainly in response to the limit that twitter had put on the selling of apps. For the current moment the tweets from clients must meet the display requirements in order to publish the tweets. By display requirement it has been meant that the right buttons should remain in the right place.


Michael Sippey, the director of twitter’s consumer product in a blog post has put a diagrammatic chart on the apps which twitter wants and which they don’t. Two axis forming four quadrants as shown in the picture above indicates what twitter wants. For an example in the upper right quadrant twitter don’t want developers to build apps, as they have already mentioned a year ago. Instead of making apps, Twitter now wants developers to work on new ways to use the Twitter Cards also called the multimedia boxes which one can display in tweets. Twitter now seems to moving for providing a media rich experience to its users.