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in Hot Topics - 10 Aug, 2012
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Samsung Galaxy SIII bagged tremendous success in a month

Samsung Galaxy SIII which hit the market recently has been able to climb a huge number of steps in the ladder of success. It has been able to get the position of the hottest Android phone just in a month. Positive reviews poured in from both consumers and critics and which has boasted their sales and has been able to acquire an impressive sales figure. With shipping started from June 21st, this Android phone maker has been facing quite a problem to meet the public’s demand. Samsung has been pushing this phone through all the five major U.S carriers that is Sprint, AT&T, Verizon wireless, T-Mobile and US cellular. This happens to be the only android based phone that has been able to challenge iPhone and also grab the market in their favour.


An extensive study by Chitika Insights on the success of this phone shows the performance of the phone compared to the other members in the family. The graph above in the left side shows the rise in popularity of Samsung Galaxy SIII in comparison to its siblings like Samsung Galaxy SII, Galaxy Nexus and other Samsung phones. The study which has been conducted for a period of six weeks shows that the web traffic of Samsung has been gradually increasing since the release of this phone ‘that follows your every move’.


The Galaxy SIII has represented almost 12% of the Samsung web usage in just a month. Moreover, it has been able to surpass the Galaxy Nexus activity. This phone is now in the tail of the other Samsung Galaxy models and looks promising to leave them behind too in no time. But it is to be noted that the web figure is not as same as the publicly sales figures. But Samsung believes that it will also increase in the future specially during holidays.


It seems that to dim the iPhone popularity is the benchmark of success for most phones. So, continued growth is necessary for success. Among the Androids, Samsung Galaxy SIII has gained the ultimate popularity and it is expected that this phone will top all the Android based phones by the end of this year. Moreover, recent upgrades in the phone has made it almost surpass the configuration of iPhone 4S. But instead of all these iPhone still continues to be popular. Also, if iPhone 5 is released in September 2012, then it might slow down the popularising process of the Android powered Samsung Galaxy SIII.