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in Hot Topics - 09 Aug, 2012
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Windows 8 users will be disabled to boot directly to desktop

With Windows 8 close to the release date, operating system giant Microsoft has tweaked and made several modification to the software. So, the Windows 8 that was available for the trial months back won’t be same as the final version. If you are hoping to evade the brand new tiled menu of the new Windows 8, then this news might be disappointing. Especially from the business users’ point of view. The final versions of Windows 8 as well as Windows Server 2012 have been leaking over the net for the past few days. Users who have access to those final builds were able to experience the changes that have been made following the Windows 8 Preview release.


One of the changes Microsoft has made is the disability to by-pass the tiled start screen earlier known as Metro Screen, directly to the desktop. These it will be mandatory to pass through the start screen in order to get access to the desktop in the release to manufacturing (RTM) builds of Windows 8. As said by Rivera who also happens to be the co-author of the upcoming Windows 8 Secrets, he had verified the fact that it will not be possible for a user to boot directly to the desktop by circumventing the tiled start screen or the Metro Screen. However, in the test build of Windows 8, there were provisions for avoiding the start screen by creating shortcut that switches directly to the desktop of Windows 8. Also Rivera said that the option for Group Policy to avoid the Metro Screen is also blocked by Microsoft.


It can be mentioned here that the Windows 8 will include several shortcuts that can be used to minimize interactions with the tiled interface as well as switch in and out of the desktop very quickly. Particularly the shortcut keys Windows + D, Windows + B and Windows + M will be assigned for these quick shifting purposes.


Although many have enjoyed the Metro screen and are looking forward to experience it in the tablets and PCs, a big section specially the business users are opposed to it. A survey of IT professionals reveals that the tiled start screen would be nothing more than a nuisance especially on the non-touch hardware. Their main fear is the cost of retraining employee as well as the loss of time. The region is although legitimate, but general users as well as first time Windows users may find the interactive tiled screen to be very useful.