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in Hot Topics - 07 Aug, 2012
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New Dock Connector for iOS products to be out soon

iMore has gained an insight that the handheld device producing mega brand Apple is planning to update their line-up of devices to support the new Dock connector. These miniature dock connector change is to be done before the mid of September this year. It is mainly because they intend to do so before the release of new iPhone 5 which is expected to be released on the next month at around 15th of September. Other devices that would be supporting the new mini sized dock connector will also include the new iPod Nano as well as iPod touch along with a 7 inch pocket friendly iPad mini which happens to be the mini version of 9.7 inch iPad. The same sources that revealed about the new smaller dock connector back in February this year also revealed about the mini dock adapter issue last month.


Apple seems to believe in maintenance of a consistence dock connector and improving the hardware as well as the user interface of the Apple iPads to be a high priority task and is more important than just continuing its yearly schedules of new releases. They consider it to be vital step for customer satisfaction as well as it is important for the growth of these multi-million companies. However there have been huge gaps between the releases of the Apple devices also in the past years. This we can see from the fact that Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S has been released with a gap of 16 months. And there has been no release on Apple iPod touch series devices since the last 23 months as well.


Also there had been many significant reports from iLounge regarding the issue. The most recent one which cropped up last week was about the 9.7 inch Apple iPad. According to some of their sources, that Apple is working on updating the 9.7 inch Apple iPad. It would be included in the 4th generation device family and would include the new miniature dock, a mic in the back as well as the overheating issues will be fixed. Apart from these Apple is also planning to bring the Retina display in Mac.


Although it is almost unpredictable to follow what moves Apple will be making next, but it’s for sure they are aiming something high. However whatever is next in the line, it is expected that it will be supporting the miniaturized dock connector. For the authenticity of these news we will have to wait at least until 15th of September until the new Apple iPhone 5 comes out which is expected to support the new dock connector.