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in Hot Topics - 24 Jul, 2012
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Apple demands 2.5 billion from Samsung in patent battle

In the recent patent trials between Apple and Samsung, Apple is pursuing more than $2.5 billion in damages from Samsung. The patent infringement trial is set to open on July 30 in San Jose, California.

Apple v Samsung

The court will deal with the claims of Samsung stealing Apple’s design and infringement of patents. Apple has accused Samsung of “[choosing] to compete by copying Apple,” especially with regards to the overall design of Samsung’s Android-powered devices.


As calculated in the public redacted trial brief, Apple is seeking $500 million in “lost profits” and $25 million in “reasonable royalty damages.” In addition, Apple wishes to claim more than $30 per Samsung device that infringed on Apple’s patents. This $30 originates from $24 for violating design patents, $2.02 for the “tap to zoom and navigate” function, $2.02 for “rubber-banding” – the overscroll bounce, and $3.10 for a scrolling API patent.


The iPhone maker is offering its competitor a half-cent royalty rate per standards-essential patent, though the use of the patents will most likely be restricted. Samsung can also get paid for its standards-essential patents.


This trial is the latest in a series of patent wars between the two companies that make up a lion’s share of the market. Each company has accomplished its own victories, when Apple managed to secure a ban on Samsung products such as the Galaxy Tab 7.7, and when Apple was ordered to publicly announce that Samsung did not copy the iPad.