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in Hot Topics - 21 Jul, 2012
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Android launches Friday app as personal assistant and journal

Friday appAndroid has launched app Friday, a “search engine for your life,” as TechCrunch reports.


Developed by startup Dexetra, Friday is an application that runs in the background of Android devices. It takes stock of everything that occurs on the phone, and in your life.


Getting access to your phone and app records, Friday is able to provide users with a history of their interaction with others. It records text messages, emails, calls, photographs, and integrates these communication with third-party apps such as Facebook and Foursquare.


Friday is released by the same team at Dexetra who also developed Android’s Iris, an app similar to Apple’s Siri.


Not only does Friday chronicle your life, but it also acts as a context-aware personal assistant by the installation of separate applets that make use of Friday’s aggregated data. For instance, instead of displaying a call log of numbers the user has dialed, a special dialer app shows the numbers the user is going to call according to his or her context.


The first of such intelligent applets is Trails, which uses Friday’s records to create a personal travelogue for the user.


The user can customise their Friday aggregation, by including or opting out the third-party apps or records Friday is given access to. Data can also be manually inserted into Friday.


The search button is also particularly interesting – it allows the user to ask specific questions such as “What SMS did I get on New Year’s Eve while listening to Jason Mraz?”


Giving a single app such access to all parts of your life can be intimidating, and users might be reluctant. The team behind Friday has stated that their app uses “industry standard encryption when exchanging information” and that it does not share users’ information with third-party services.