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in Hot Topics - 18 Jul, 2012
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Mozilla releases Firefox 14 with enhanced security

The final launch of Firefox 14 came shortly after the problematic release of Firefox 13, to fix the latter’s bugs and add enhanced security measures. The browser is now available for free download.


One of the most significant changes is the tie-up with Google for secure web searching. The new Firefox browser automatically encrypts Google searches, sending users’ requests through the more secure HTTPS protocol. This applies to both search results and suggestions.


Firefox 14 allows users to identify the security level of the site opened using different symbols. A globe symbol indicates an unsecured site, a padlock with ‘HTTPS’ symbolises a SSL-encrypted site, while a green lock icon indicates the highest level of security – a site certified with Extended Validation.


Mac users can also rejoice with the introduction of full-screen mode on OS X Lion 10.7.


Download Firefox 14 to enjoy these latest features or skip to an even newer version 15, which is currently in beta mode.