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in Hot Topics - 17 Jul, 2012
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Spend your summer at the Google+ Maker virtual camp

Want to have an enriching summer experience without the accompanying mosquito bites? Google, in cooperation with MAKE Magazine, has a solution. Adding to the wide range of products from tablets to glasses, Google is pioneering a digital summer camp – Maker Camp.


Held on social media platform Google+, this camp highlights “the art of making,” as Google’s blog reports. The six weeks beginning Monday July 16 to August 24 will take 13 to 18-year-olds through a journey of creation, where they are encouraged to experiment, explore, share and make stuff. The best part is that Google and MAKE are supporting the idea of creation, not just tech-related inventions. These kids’ parents and teachers are also given access to the online camp.


Participants will take charge of 30 projects in 30 days, originating from instructions posted by camp counselors. Subsequently, junior counselors will host sharing and discussion sessions on Hangout on Air, a live broadcasting feature on Google+, for participants to showcase their creations.


Maker Camp is free of charge and open to anyone with a Google+ account – an excellent way for Google to promote the use of its social media, on top of championing the spirit of innovation.


MAKE Magazine is an online resource that “unites, inspires, informs, and entertains a growing community of resourceful people who undertake amazing projects in their backyards, basements, and garages. MAKE celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your will.”