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in Gadgets - 16 Jul, 2012
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The tablet wars: Apple’s latest iPad

With our generation’s craving to control devices at our fingertips, the market for tablets is an ever-growing one. The competition between Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft heats up with the introduction of different sizes and versions of their respective products.


The latest news in the tablet pipeline involves Apple, which takes up 60 to 70 percent of the market, and mainly dominates the high-end part of it.


Apple developers are working on an iPad sized 7.85 inches that is significantly smaller and cheaper than its original one of 9.7 inches. This can help Apple to reinforce its dominant position in the tablet market, and compete directly its smaller-sized counterparts.


The company believes a smaller iPad will appeal to consumers who find the 9.7-inch iPad too large and heavy to carry around. This piece of news comes in spite of the fact that Apple had previously denounced the entrance of seven-inch tablets into the market. The latest model for the iPad will arrive in stores this fall.


On the other hand, Google has recently launched Nexus 7 at $200, placing it in the same price range as Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Amazon is developing on a new Kindle Fire with a larger screen to compete with the iPad. Relatively new player Microsoft is also joining the game with Surface, a 10.6-inch tablet with a stand that allows it to be propped up when viewing movies.