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in Gadgets - 11 Jul, 2012
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Birth of Web 3.0 , the intelligent web , Skynet

Some writers, have started declaring the death of Web2.0 and the birth of web 3.0; These declarations are far from the truth, because even if we are making baby steps towards the web 3.0 structure we are still very far from being there!

To understand how would the Web 3.0 be, we should start by examining the Web 1.0 and the Web 2.0 concepts. A websites where users  are limited to the passive viewing of Data that was created for them is considered a Web 1.0, whereas a Web 2.0 site allows users to interact with each other in a virtual community as creators of user-generated content, Examples of Web 2.0 include social networking sites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites, hosted services, web applications, mashups and folksonomies.

The next logical step after the allowing users to interact with each others (web 2.0); is to allow the web – user interaction, and thus web 3.0 should be this next big technological leap when you are interacting intelligently with the machine.

New tools, New hardware for the web 3.0

A lot in the tech industry are approaching the Web 3.0 concept the wrong way, they are expecting to be able to get an extra value with the same tools, they are still imagining that with the web 3.0 you will be typing queries in your browser, some think that web3.0 is all about semantic web and the meaning of data, but what they fail to realize is that search was always about the meaning of data, the reason we get bad search results for complex queries is because search engines are not smart enough yet , so claiming that web3.0 would solve this issue is like taking a patient that broke his leg to the dentist!


What is the Web 3.0 ?

The web 3.0 is about our communication with the machine,  with the launch of Siri, Google Now and soon Google Glass, the birth of the Web3.0 have started (not born yet, but  the process have begun).


How will the Web 3.0 work?

We as users should be able to communicate with our virtual agent  like Siri  or Google Now or any other virtual assistant, these agents will be our entry door to the web, they will know what we are asking for they will compile the data intelligently and return it in a concise way, this process has begun with Siri and Google Now, but they still have a long way till they become intelligent enough.

These agents will be connected to devices, like Smartphones, Glasses, or any other hardware that could allow access to the internet  and data transmission to user (visual or audio), some other hardware can be developed like earphones, projection pens, watches, pins etc…


Will it be Skynet?

No, because skynet is a central system that controlled data, whereas the web3.0 is different agents that are analyzing data that they do not control, consider web 3.0 as Artificial intelligence that is able to communicate with you.