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in Hot Topics - 10 Jul, 2012
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Google closing iGoogle, Google Video, Google Mini, Google chat … , to shut down Youtube and Orkut !

Since Google co-founder Larry Page took over as CEO in April 4, 2011, he have been closing services that he considered redundant or nonessential, even if many users have been showing discontent more and more.


The services that have been removed so far by popularity & level of discontent:

  • Google Dmoz Directory, (Google shifting interest )
  • Google Answers,(closed in 2006)
  • Google Wave, (great product, but no real interest)
  • Sidewiki, (plus button a better way)
  • Knol, (was not able to beat wikipedia)
  • One Pass, (redundant with Android market)
  • mobile web app for Google Talk,
  • Google Bookmarks Lists,
  • Google Friend Connect,
  • Google Gears,
  • Google Search Timeline,
  • Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal (RE<C),
  • Aardvark, Desktop, Fast Flip, Google Maps API for Flash, Google Pack, Google Web Security, Image Labeler, Notebook, Subscribed Links,Google Flu Vaccine Finder, Google Related, Google Sync for BlackBerry, Patent Search, Picasa for Linux, Picasa Web Albums Uploader for Mac and Picasa Web Albums Plugin for iPhoto, and all Slide products. 


The other services that will be terminated and shut down soon:

  1. –          iGoogle (the personalized homepage offering) scheduled to be closed on November 1st, 2013, giving enough time for users to export their data, says Google.
  2. –          Google Video  (the google video platform) launched before Google acquired youtube on October 9,  2006 for 1.6 billion $ ; Google video stopped accepting uploads in May 2009 and will be be shutdown on August 20th.
  3. –          Google Talk Chatback (a Google Talk widget for websites – Google says try its new acquisition Meebo instead)
  4. –          Google’s Symbian Search App (bookmark Google.com, Google advises),
  5. –          Google Mini, an enterprise appliance, around since 2005. Mini’s functionality is now offered by other products like Google Search Appliance, Google Site Search and Google Commerce Search, the company blog post reminds us. Google say it will honor its existing contracts for Mini customers here.


Future services to be removed:

There’s no doubt that Google is adopting a strategy of removing any service or product that is not considered essential to it’s core business, and it is trying to merge popular services with services that are considered of strategic importance for Google’s future, so there is no doubt that both Youtube and Orkut will suffer the same fate of the other services, it is not a question of if Youtube and Orkut will be shutdown, but rather when Youtube and Orkut will be closed!

For Orkut, there will be probably an automated process transferring the users and their data and connections to Google+, and this should be expected within a year or two, maybe three, so basically Orkut will be merged with Google+.

For Youtube, the process have already begun, with time and once company profiles start being more represented on Google +, Youtube will probably become on Google plus like a Facebook application, and eventually be merged with Google plus too (long term).


Microsoft Criticism:

As we see Google consolidating it’s services, a video done by Microsoft comes to my mind, now this video seems a bit more truthful than before: