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in Mobile - 03 Jul, 2012
by Tech Journalist - 2 comments
Siri VS Google Now

Google have learned from their experience with social network that they should never wait too long before competing directly with other companies, the main reason why Google plus is having much difficulties getting users, is because Google waited too long before launching a Facebook like social network.

Thanks to Google huge team of talented engineers, they are able to imitate any service and offer it better, but the key factor is that they should compete early!

In this perspective, Google understood that the new voice command by Apple is a feature that Google must compete with before it’s too late; and indeed Google is launching Google Now for android devices which is a very well done product;

So here’s the videos related to both these products/services:

Apple Siri (for iPhone4S) video:

Google Now (for Android 4.1 Jellybean) video:

Google Now VS Siri(head to head comparison) video: