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in Social - 30 Jun, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments
Linkedin twitter’s update NO MORE ?!

For the last 2.5 years a Twitter/Linkedin partnership existed,allowing  Twitter users to have all tweets, or just those with the hashtag #in or #li, sync with their LinkedIn profile.

Now tweets will no longer be displayed on LinkedIn, and Twitter updates will no longer sync with the LinkedIn accounts. According to a linkedin blog post .

Michael Sippey, consumer product team Manager at Twitter, announced on blog regarding Twitter’s changes the desire to “build engaging experiences into Twitter” and allow “developers to be able to build applications that run within Tweets.”

That means Twitter want to be the platform where users are and not an application on other platforms, they want users to stick around, rather than using Twitter to update elsewhere.

Twitter is no longer a text-only service, it now allows to embed video and photo.

We should note that Twitter/Facebook partnership is unlikely to be affected because if disconnected from Facebook, Twitter will have a severe drop in usage.