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in Social - 30 Jun, 2012
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how to change youtube username to Google plus profile name

In what seams to be an attempt to wake up this huge sleeping giant called Google plus, and in it’s continuous effort to regroup all it’s services around the Google account that is morphing to Google profile or your Google plus profile, Google is giving now the YouTube users the possibility to switch their YouTube username to their Google plus account. This will with no doubts add millions of new Google plus users, and add lots of activity to the network!

Google wants its users to use their real identity across its products. As declared  “stay tuned for more ways to use this username in other Google products and services in coming months.”

Since March new YouTube users had the possibility to use their Google-account on YouTube . Now, even existing users can switch their YouTube  usernames to their Google+ profiles. And thus your real name and Google+ profile picture will be displayed.

Using Full Name Isn’t For Everyone

Google is not going to force all YouTube users to switch their usernames to their Google+ profiles.  Google explain it in this announcement “using your full name isn’t for everyone. Maybe people know you by your YouTube username. Perhaps you don’t want your name publicly associated with your channel. To continue using your YouTube username, just click ‘I don’t want to use my full name’ when you see the prompt.”