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in Social - 04 Jun, 2012
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Facebook to allow kids under 13 to have accounts but link them to parents

At the moment, Facebook does not allow kids under-13 to join the site, but the Wall Street Journal. reported that Facebook is developing a technology to link children’s accounts to those of their parents.

It will allow parents to control whom their children add as friends, and this way they will avoid having kids lie about their age to get into the site.
Researchers from Harvard, University of California, Northwestern University and Microsoft Research found that 72% of parents who had reported that their child was on Facebook knew that that the child joined the social network before age 13.

In May 2011, Consumer Reports found that “of the 20 million minors who actively use Facebook”, 7.5 million were younger than 13 and more than five million were younger than 10.

McAfee conducted a study in 2010 which said that 37% of 10 to 12-year-olds were on the social network.

Facbook is aware that under-13s do manage to join, and has a page offering advice to parents to help them educate their children about potential issues in the online world.