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in Hot Topics - 30 May, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments
google displaying data from wikipedia and other sites in search

It seams google is rolling out a new feature in it’s search result page, now when you search for a specific book, actor, hotel or anything that can be considered a common search (related to public figures, actors, movies, etc…), you will get extra data that you can read directly on the right section of the search page.

This data comes mainly from wikipedia, but also from other reviewing website (hotels, restaurants) and some more different search queries could uncover some other sources.

It is also showing related searches, what people have searched for.

The map on the right is now floating and will slide down while you slide your cursor.

test it by yourself, we have tested it and decided to display results for one of the best female actors below:

google wikipedia data

google wikipedia data in search result
















With this being said, it seams the old google search model is no longer applicable, in 2004 interview LARRY PAGE cofounder of google said: ” We want to get you out of Google and to the right place as fast as possible.”