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in Hot Topics - 25 May, 2012
by Daren - no comments
Google+ for Android Now lets You Start Hangouts from a Phone


Google recently updated the Google+ iOS app with a complete visual overhaul and now it is also brought to Android as well.  Version 2.6 of Google+ for Android lets you start a Hangout from your phone; you could also join a Hangout in progress, but you couldn’t actually start one unless you use the separate Messenger app.  The new feature means you can choose a Hangout instead of a phone call or Skype call, which is a really great move for Google.

The rest of the update is devoted to bringing Android interface with the same level as Google+ experience for iOS.  There’s a new slide-out navigation bar for moving around the various parts, instead of always having to go back to the home screen to switch views.  The app was fairly simple and basic, and this update brings much-needed visual flair to the Android experience.